300 reasons I would vote for used gym socks if it would keep John McCain out of office

Why 300 Reasons?

Someone has to do it.

The mainstream media obviously isn’t going to.

But someone has got to start talking about what a disaster a McCain presidency would be. So I’m pulling together the information that we need to get out about John McCain if we don’t want a third term of Bush policies. I started this blog with 220 days ’til the election, but I’m confident that there are more than 220 reasons not to vote for McCain. I decided to round up a bit—by November 4th, I will have given you 300 reasons to show up and make sure that someone, anyone other than John McCain wins the presidency in 2008. I hope that by putting a wide range of reasons for people with any political leanings to avoid a vote for McCain in one place, I can provide fellow McCain-haters with a simple, centralized, and easy-to-navigate resource that can be used to convince others to vote against a McCain presidency.

(Edited to reflect that the primaries have ended. For more on the impetus behind the original creation of this blog, see my first post.)


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