300 reasons I would vote for used gym socks if it would keep John McCain out of office

September 19, 2008

Reason #103

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I’m a little late on it, but this post from Thoughts From A Rabbi is worth reading in its entirety.

Apparently Sarah Palin was present when her church recently had the director of Jews for Jesus speak there.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with Jews for Jesus, so I’ll summarize. They’re a bunch of anti-Semitic Christians who go around trying to convert Jews to fundamentalist Christianity, primarily through deceptive advertising and overly aggressive pamphleteers. I don’t know about the Jewish voting bloc in (ahem, swing state) Florida, but my Jewish friends are not what I would call fans of the JFJ approach.

Palin did not walk out or protest when the speaker said the following:

Our Father in heaven, We stand before You as a people who’ve experienced Your grace, and we acknowledge that that grace was first extended to our people through Your people, the Jews; that there is not a one here in this room who would know Jesus and serve Him if there had not been a Jew, generations ago, that spoke Jesus’ name to our people. Father, that comes full circle and we wish to extend Your grace back to Your people. And we pray and we ask that as a result of this time here, and as a result of this offering, there will be people among the Jews today who come to say the name “Jesus” with faith. In His glorious name we pray, amen.

Okay, so she thinks Jewish people (and probably all non-Christians) are going to hell and need to be converted to Christianity in order to be saved. That’s not a big deal, right? I can’t imagine a belief like that have any impact on her policy decisions. Nothing to worry about!

She also remained silent and still when the speaker went on to say:

But what we see in Israel, the conflict that is spilled out throughout the Middle East, really which is all about Jerusalem, is an ongoing reflection of the fact that there is judgment. There is judgment that is going on in the land, and that’s the other part of this Jerusalem Dilemma.

In other words, G-d created the violence in Israel as judgment for Jewish peoples’ failure to be Christian.

Personally, I would march my ass out of church if someone said such a thing in the pulpit.

So why didn’t she?


June 6, 2008

Reason #61

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Think Progress gives us this blast from the past: McCain voted against divestment from South Africa to bring down apartheid six times (if you’ve studied your history you know that divestment was a major contributing factor in the eventual downfall of apartheid).

So let’s see… McCain voted against sanctions for apartheid. He voted against a Martin Luther King holiday and called the Confederate Flag a “symbol of heritage.” He once said, “I hated the gooks. I’ll hate them as long as I live.” And during his 2000 campaign, one of McCain’s close advisers was Richard Quinn—an ardent supporter of David Duke, a guy who called Nelson Mandela “a terrorist,” and the editor-in-chief of the Magazine Southern Partisan, a magazine that published such gems as an article apologizing for the KKK and rants vilifying Jews, Puerto Ricans, Italians and Eastern Europeans.

But that’s all in the past! McCain has learned his lesson. He’s not racist anymore, nothing to see here… Except, oh yeah: McCain paid Richard Quinn 180,000 dollars to advise on his 2008 campaign.

I guess he hasn’t changed much after all.

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